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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  August 2, 2010 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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hopefully you had a great weekend. thank you for joining us, i'm megan pringle. first let's get to weather with meteorologist justin berk. >> good morning. 5:59. we're taking a look at headlines. there's a lot to talk about, at least from a weather perspective. first off, it's mild but quite humid as showers build back in. we have a look at some drizzle and some periodic rain as we head in through just this morning alone. and probably continuing into the afternoon. summer is not done yet, even though temperatures pulled back recently. we're back in the mid-90s by mid-week and we could be talking about tropical storm collin, on the verge of naming the third system in the atlantic this season. we'll talk about that in this half-hour. right now maryland's most powerful doppler radar, bel air not there yet but kingsville, perry hall, got some rain and looks as if we've got this stuff pushing around the beltway, cockeysville, towson, downtown baltimore, we've had stretches through glen burnie back in through howard county, ellicott city and columbia. and that trip on 70 could be
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getting pretty wet as it pushes north towards eldersburg and reisterstown. we'll get to 85, and mostly cloudy and scattered showers continuing through this afternoon. straight up 6:00. let's check the roads with alexis. >> we're getting reports of an accident southbound 95 approaching the capitol beltway, it's blocking the right lane so move to the left to avoid congestion there. we still have a nice commute in our area, beltway, 695 and inner loop and outer loop incident-free at this time. a little volume but no problems really. this is north of caton avenue, still no problems reported there, the rain that justin mentioned has not caused accidents or incidents on the roads. drive times, no problems still travel on 83 southbound, or to the jfx, to maryland avenue. three minutes on southbound 95 from the beltway to 895 and five minutes on 95 from the 895
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split to the fort mchenry toll. the grand prix is coming to baltimore next summer but until the cars start racing the course you're going to have to deal with road closures. abc2 news linda so is live with what you can expect really over the next year. >> reporter: if you use pratt street to get to work you'll want an alternative. starting this morning pratt street along several city blocks here in downtown will go to four hurricanes -- from four lanes to two. that means expect major delays. the road is getting resurfaced for the grand prix next year. commuters should avoid pratt street and use mulberry or baltimore streets as an alternative. the bus lane on pratt street will be lifted so that means more trace delays, too. business owners are afraid it will affect their bottom line. >> i wish they could be do it
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overnight when there isn't as much traffic and there isn't the -- the businesses aren't open. there's no games and there's nothing to do. >> reporter: let's look at the changes that will begin this morning. pratt street goes from four lanes to two between paca and howard streets. closures from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., then from 7:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. and beginning next monday the work will span several city blocks 24/7. again, you're going to want to avoid pratt street if possible. you're definitely going to want to pay attention to what that sign says and use alternative routes. if you must use pratt street, expect delays and you should plan ahead, probably leave home a little earlier to account for the extra drive time. 6:03. those who knew milton hill knew he was the guy you could always count on, a 70-year-old church-going man who was murdered. the community gathers to ask
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why. sherrie johnson joins us with more. >> reporter: good morning. baltimore city police are looking for the person who killed 70-year-old milton hill. he was found shot to death in his apartment. police found him last friday morning behind the arc church on north avenue in east baltimore. milton hill's cousin went to check on him as he did everyday and found his body at the gate leading to his apartment. he's served the church for more than 20 years. police believe whoever shot him stole the green scooter he used to get around on. >> they didn't have to do that. >> reporter: the vigil will be held at 6:00 at the church on east north avenue. council men's and leaders from various neighbors will be there. anyone who knows anything is asked to call 410-396-2100.
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sherrie johnson, abc2 news. a bagel shop is closed after a fire over the weekend. according to the anne arundel county fire department the fire broke out at einstein bagels on ritchie highway and severna park after midnight sunday. no one was in the building at the time but a firefighter was taken to the hospital for minor injuries. a spokesperson for the fire department says that the building will likely be a total loss. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. the man who police say shot at an officer is recovering in the hospital. according to authorities the officer was patrolling gerard avenue in west baltimore when he came across a suspect shooting at another person. that is when police say that the suspect fired at the officer. police say that the officer returned fire and shot the suspect in the hand. police say they have charged several counts of attempted murder and gun violations against the suspect who has nonlife-threatening injuries. the birds lost 5-4 to the
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kansas city royals. it was their third straight loss to the royals. the managal stint was finished with the overall record of 17-34. buck showalter's debut as manager as tomorrow against the angels but he will be officially introduced in a press conference today at noon. we'll there be. and with the new manager, web executive producer larry carney, just had to weigh in. it's mondays with larry. he talks about buck showalter today and how he sees the new manager will add a fire to the team that hasn't been seen since the earl weaver era. to read it log on to it's hard to believe with school back in session at the end of the month, summer is over. well, some children with the school year, it will be the beginning of their education as they start pre-k or kindergarten. there's no disagreement enrolling your child in the pre-k program is key to developing a school future. how do you get them ready?
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kelly swoope helps us find out in this morning's "take 5 ." >> reporter: the song of the summer. but soon the chance to go to the ballgame will be replaced with the abc's. >> let's start. a for apple. >> reporter: at the goddard school in whitemarsh most of the kids are heading to kindergarten and are prepared thanks to the pre-k experience. so what can you do now to help your soon-to-be pre-k child get ready? tip one, give them a little independence. >> i would suggest if there's a month left here before pre-k starts to make sure that you're not doing for your child what they should be doing for themselves. encourage them to clean up their own trash after they eat. encourage them to lay out their own clothes at night to help pack their lunch. >> reporter: tip two, start a schedule, especially with
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eating. >> we need to get routine down. >> reporter: and number three, start filling up their social calendar now without spending a lot of money. >> take them to the library reading groups and say this is the kind of children you'll be around. >> reporter: if your child is a bit nervous make a trip to the new school so they can get a feel for what things are. >> maybe that week before, we always encourage parents to come to the school. we're open year-round. you can come in. we know where they are going as far as the classroom they are going to. so coming in, visiting the classroom, that they are really comfortable, finding their mailbox and where lunch goes and things like that. so the first day it's not so chaotic for the parents. they know what to do so they can focus on bringing their child to the classroom. >> reporter: tip five may be the hardest for moms and dads, never, ever let them see you sweat. >> this is wonderful gift you're giving the child. not something to feel guilty or anxious about. you're giving them the gift of the wonderful foundation of learning and friendships, the
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social aspect. so again, kindergarten is going to be so much easier because of what they've experienced through pre-k. >> reporter: helping you take five before pre-k anxiety kicks in. kelly swoope, abc2 news. >> tomorrow on "good morning maryland" we're going to talk about the anxiety that kelly was just talking about and how you can control it not only for your child but for you as well. you see them around the neighborhood looking for customers to buy a subscription. our investigative reporter joce sterman will remind you why it's so important to read the fine print before you sign on the dotted line. plus, the latest on the efforts to finally stop that oil leaking into the gulf of mexico. and, people waited for hours in line for an autograph. why mario lopez was in town this weekend.
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they make the rounds every summer door-to-door. sales people trying to sell you stuff. but in our "scam alert" joce
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sterman explains why you should read the fine print before you get any of those magazines. >> reporter: they are ringing door bells and pounding the pavement all over maryland. >> this isn't new. this is every summer. >> reporter: what they are doing, selling magazines door to door. often seasonal work for students, many trying to pay for education or raise money for their school and make an emotional appeal they hope will seal the deal. >> you can actually be getting into a scheme that will deplete your bank account quickly because you are really reacting to emotion and with emotion. >> reporter: that is why the better business bureau is fielding calls and warning marylanders to get a contract they can read before buying any reading material door-to-door. sellers are supposed to offer paperwork that clearly outlines the terms and conditions of your purchase and lets you know how to cancel if you change your mind. >> that's what you should expect from any good door to door sales regardless of the product. >> reporter: if the
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door-knocker that shows up doesn't fully disclose what they are doing, tell them to keep on knocking somewhere else. also make sure they are registered with the state to do door to door sales and supply contact information for the company they work for in case you need it. >> people should of course buy magazines if they want no. not discouraging that. you just need to be cautious. >> reporter: otherwise the final chapter could have an unhappy ending. joce sterman, constitution stoos. >> -- abc2 news. >> angie says be wary of any door to door offer that has free or bargains because there may be hidden fees that may cost you a lot anyway and keep in mind state law gives you the time to cancel items within three days so you have time to change your mind. justin berk has a check of the weather. >> coming off the weekend, cloudy skies, wet weather. this is glen burnie, anne arundel community college, 72 degrees, not measuring
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rainfall. they've had wet weather come through on maryland's most powerful doppler radar. may just be enough to dampen the pavement and you need the intermittent wipers on the car but overall the commute in and out of the city, we've got ourselves the jones falls expressway, top side of the beltway with wet weather, up into baltimore county, it's not reaching reisterstown yet but eldz -- eldersburg, on i-70, and columbia and ellicott city, may be sprinkles with the heavy stuff just to your west. watch it build on the flow from the south and southeast, as you expand on this side of the bay with spotty drizzle on the eastern shore. not a major deal, just the fact that we have something out there to contend with on the morning commute and we'll have to deal with the fact that flow will continue to keep us rather moist. even though we'll shake this pattern and get sun back out mid-week it will get pretty darned hot. they are steaming up in the open waters. atlantic. we have two tropical waves of
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rather strong intensity. we'll focus on this one here. this is the one that the national hurricane center says, 90% chance of getting named in the next 48 hours. i think it's going to happen today or tonight. this will track north of the caribbean. maybe over towards the bahama islands by the weekend or early next week. and the next name on the list, tropical storm collin. all it needs is 39 mile-per-hour sustained winds and it's pretty close to that organization. could reach hurricane strength at some point this week as it traveling along pretty warm water across the central tropical atlantic. no impact on us immediately. we'll make weather hurricanes the next few days. 85 is our 2-degree guarantee. a little damp this morning and the chance of more showers building back into the afternoon. that could leave with us fog overnight. we're down to about 70. tomorrow we'll push the sun and push it back to 91. let's check the roads, here's alexis davies checking out the traffic. >> thank you. the rain isn't causing problems
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with the commute. we have other problems though. in baltimore city, you'll find major delays, pratt street between paca and howard is going to be down from four lanes to two. it's going to cause heavy delays. they are reg recommending avoid pratt street altogether. we've got no problems here on the harrisburg expressway at warren road, southbound lanes as you approach the beltway wide open. no problems whatsoever. taking a look elsewhere around the area, we've got the west side of the beltway, a little volume building on the inner loop and outer loops here at baltimore national pike, but no major delays or incidents or accidents being reported. drive times -- we've got -- looking good actually now on route -- 95 northbound from 100100 to 395, nine minutes there.
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>> looking at the maps around the area, nothing to really talk about except for this one major construction zone in downtown baltimore. between pratt street between paca and howard. major road work this morning, you want to avoid it altogether. from "saved by the bell" to "dancing with the stars." now harford county. what mario lopez was bought to the farm fair in bel air but the farm dealer walter cole. you probably him him as slater from "saved by the bell." he's dropped by to greet many fans including the boys and girls club of harford county. since he was once a member. the expectant first-time father hopes his child will follow in their shoes. >> my future child is going to be also right there with me for the boys and girls club. hopefully raising him with the
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same values. >> it's the coolest thing that has happened in farm fair, in like, ever. >> people waited for a few hours to get an autograph and picture with lopez. this is the 23rd year for farm fair in harford county which promotes the area's agricultural heritage. a former first daughter says i do this weekend. what the famous parents are now saying about her new hubby. and a group of athletes are lucky to be alive after the bus fire. but before we go anywhere we're going to head to new york and get the latest business news. good morning. we begin your mope "moneyscope report" with a big week on wall street. investors analyzing the last wave of second qear earnings reports and manufacturing and sales numbers. the jobs report is due out friday. the economy probably lost jobs last month because many census jobs ended, but private
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companies are hiring and probably added 100,000 jobs last month. the foreclosure crisis is threatening to send homeownerrership to it's lowest level in 50 years. according to "usa today," eight million homeowners could lose their homes in the next two years, sending the ownership rate plummeting to 6.2% as early as 2012. only slightly above where it was in 1960. saks fifth avenue will soon off high fashion for plus sizes. beginning this fall some stores will sell clothing in sizes 18 and 16 from top designers. many come from the runway, including carolina herrera and oscar de la renta. and spirit airlines will charge for carry-on bags. on sunday they began to charge $30 for any bag too big to fit under the seat. spirit says the move will help passengers board planes faster cutting down on delays.
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the carrier also says it cut fares to help offset the fee. it's been a dream run at the box office for the movie "inception." the leonardo dicaprio thriller about a team that sneaks into peoples' dreams hung on to the top spot for the third straight week taking in another $27.5 million. "dinner for schmucks" opened in second, "salt" slipped to third. can you control your dreams like in the movies? we sent our reporter to a dream coach to try it. on gma. that's your "moneyscope report." i'm rob nelson.
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up in harford and cecil county showers continue into the afternoon and that holds temperatures back to near normal after this hot summer. aiming for 85 degrees. we'll slip into the low 70s and fog tonight. the extended forecast shows us we're back in the 90s. in fact we're pushing mid-90s wednesday, thursday and friday, with scattered afternoon thunderstorms and pulling back to 90 as we dry out next weekend. summer not done by any stretch yet. 6:24. let's check the commute with alexis. >> thank you. the rain hasn't caused problems so far on the roadways this morning. southbound 95 and bw parkway southbound both running incident-free at this time. you might want to use windshield wipers now and then but no major delays.
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drive times, let's look at the drive times now. three minutes from whitemarsh boulevard to the beltway from 95 southbound. five minutes from shawan road heading southbound on the 83 expressway to the beltway. four minutes on 795 between owings mills boulevard and the beltway. megan? it has only been 14 days but lindsay lohan has been released from jail. the 24-year-old was discharged about 1:35 this morning. she now has to immediately report to inpatient rehab program. that means the star was jailed for violating probation for her 2007 drug case. she was sent to jail on july 20th. former first daughter chelsea clinton is now officially off the market. she tied the knot with longtime boyfriend marc mezvinsky in new york on saturday evening. the nuptials took place at the small hudson valley town of
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rhinebeck. these are pictures released by the clinton family. the details of the ceremony were kept quiet but her parents, st. secretary of state hillary clinton and former president bill clinton said ," we are so happy to welcome marc into our family." for thousands of deadheads, they gathered in san francisco to celebrate jerry garcia. it was officially jerry day in the city by the bay. crowds gathered for a festival of concerts and tributes to the longtime grateful dead leader. he would have been 68 years old yesterday. he died in 1995. he was killed during a robbery. now friends and family want something to be done. >> a baltimore city community comes together for a vigil after a church caretaker was murdered. i'm sherrie johnson, how the community is taking action against the violence. [ male announcer ] need a better way to save for the things you want?
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he took care of the church he attended and the members there. now they will badge gather to remember a life that ended in a senseless act of violence. we've heard it before but bp says the latest attempt to permanently stop the oil from leaking into the gulf could happen


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